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Ann’s Kitchen and Bath Design is in the business of creating sanctuaries. A place you can go to get away from your kids, your work, your day. A place away from the world, with or without your significant other. A place you can enjoy a glass of bubbly while sitting in bubbles. 

Ann’s Kitchen and Bath Design also helps aspiring cooks fulfill their dreams by creating optimal work space just for their needs. Anyone can make a space look good with new cabinets, counters and paint but it takes care and understanding to make it an exceptionally functional space. 

The Book is Here!

A Kitchen You Love; Creating the Heart of Your Home is now available. If you order it through this website, the author can sign it before mailing it to you. (You will also get a lower price than that listed on Amazon). 

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Every time I see something new and innovative in the kitchen or bath industry, I just want to share it.

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How we can help you fulfill your dreams


Inspired designs by Ann

Meet The Designer

Ann McKinley

Ann is a person of passion. Passion for housing. One of her outlets for  this passion is to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

 Ann is also an author of “A Kitchen You Love: Creating the Heart of Your Home”.

Range Hoods in Camouflage

We are all familiar with  the  large range hoods that mount against the wall and end up becoming a decorative focal point and the functional microwave vent hood that gets the microwave off the counter, but sometimes you just want the hood to go away. When the range is mounted on an island, the view

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Invisible Cooktop

For those who like induction cooking. This is a very clean install of a cooktop. You can’t see it, can you. This will only work for a hard heat resistant surface such as quartz, granite or some other stone like surface. The induction cooktop is mounted under the counter. This is by Invisacook and I

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Beauty and the Bath Round 2

More Beauty and the Bath Bathtubs also caught my eye at the big Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The Hammock Bath Company created a beauty. This comes in different forms such as a stand-alone with a bottom support or one that rest on a frame like a hammock. They also have a sink that matches.

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