My Story is about


I have had a passion for housing from a young age. This passion took the form of reading all the books and magazines I could find about house designing and home building. Much of my free time while I was growing up was spent working on home designs. So you might say I have over 40 years of experience.

My degree in Food Science and Technology and a second one in Mechanical Engineering both contribute skills to my business. The electrical plans for the Barbara Jordan Elementary School in Austin TX were designed by me, along with the plumbing designs for one of Austin’s softball complexes. I have also been involved in numerous other projects as a professional Engineer and also as a home owner and real estate investor. Even though I did not keep my Professional Engineering license, I still have the degree and the knowledge. 

I have lived in 15 different homes so far (these include apartments, duplexes, mobile home, RV, houses I have bought and one I actually designed and built). I have experienced all kinds of dysfunctions from inadequate plugs and counter space to wall cabinets so low my mixer would not fit under the cabinets. Of the houses I have lived in, three had wonderful kitchens to work in and that was because I designed and built the space to function well. My husband and I also created a kitchen in a church we attended out of an unused room.

Currently I live in Gordonsville, Virginia in a major fixer-upper with my husband and two cats. I design for clients in central and northern Virginia. 

Any one can throw pretty cabinets against the wall but my goal is that three years down the road you are still in love with the space because it functions and flows so well.